Vinyl Records In Sale

8 mar 2011 4:39 PM Scritto da: O.P.

Hello mates,

Can I sell used vinyl records to you?

And ( if the response about my first question is yes) what you think about this short list?

- Augusto Martelli - Grand Prix - (Original Philips press of this Rare Italian Jazz Funk lp with Drum Breaks) - 1972 - M-/M- ( wit the song "Walk In Caribe" sampled by Madlib on the Madlib Medicine Show - High Jazz N° 8)

- Augusto Martelli - Kisses - (Original Durium press of the Rare Italian Jazz Funk album with Drum Breaks) - 1974 - NM/NM

- Grady Tate - Master Grady Tate - ( Original US Abc/Impulse press of the soulful album by the legendary jazz drum player) - 1978 - VG/VG+

- Fred Bongusto - Malizia...Un Pò - (Original Ri-Fi press of the O.s.t. by the italian composer with the famous cover of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder - with Drum Break) - 1974 G-/VG+

- Jhonny Harris - All To Bring You Morning - (Original Warner Bros press of the soul album by the england composer) 1973

Thanx for the attention... name the price!!!



4 commenti:

Dr_Jones ha detto...

10 euro for the Augusto Martelli LP

O.P. ha detto...

Hi mate!

good to know that somebody looking for my records...
But I have a couple of question for you :

- What Augusto Martelli LP have you considered in your offer?

- Are you Italian?

I mean, I made this question because in Italy is possible (maybe...) to found this
kind of records in this conditions (however not at 10 euro), but in the rest of the world, mmmm...I guess not.
Take a look on ebay's price and send me a comment, if you still interested in(I think is for Grand Prix, right?)

Thanx, and see you soon


p.s. sorry for my english :)

Coen ha detto...

I am from the Netherlands and I actually have no idea who this Martelli guy is :) I collect Popcorn and I know that track is on the Grand Prix LP. Is it so hard to find, actually? I just happened to google on this LP and ended up on your blog.

I just took a look on ebay and I am quite amazed by the price. I didn't know it was that rare. I think I don't want it for that price, sorry.

O.P. ha detto...

Don't worry mate.
Maybe one of this day I can publish the Popcorn track at 320, perhaps the entire album.
I sell this ultra-rare Lp only because now I'm broke, I think that you can understand me...

However, cheers, and stay tuned on our blog


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